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In an airport… again!

I’ve been in a few airports in my life.  I started working for American Airlines in 1984, and retired in 2001.  Along the way, I had the opportunity to eat in hundreds of airports across the globe.  I always knew what to expect… overpriced mediocre food.   Phoenix City Council sought to change all that a few years ago, when they put out the first RFP for Sky Harbor Airport food vendors.  The RFP was unique, not just because it was the first at PHX, but because of the insistence on street pricing, and a preference for local, independent operators.  Finally!  Great food at reasonable prices… and in an airport!

We’re so excited to be opening in Terminal 4, perhaps as early as this week.  Training is underway, and final touches being put on the restaurant.

We’re before security, across from Chelsea’s Kitchen in Terminal 4.   You’ll find great breakfast offerings from Joe’s Farm Grill in the mornings, and the same awesome BBQ we serve in Gilbert for lunch and dinner (and at the same reasonable non-gouging prices).

Come say Howdy!



  • I decided to ride the train from North Phoenix all the way to the airport and then took the SkyTrain to terminal 4.
    being disabled on a cane finding a place to grab some lunch was a real treat. I ordered up a pulled pork sandwich and coleslaw. I cook myself, I smoke I grill and I barbecue. I have eaten at just about every barbecue and Western Place in the valley. I’m 62 I’ve lived here for 52 years. I will say without a doubt, without hesitation your pulled pork sandwich is at the absolute top of my list of Wonderful sandwiches. The pecan flavor came through perfectly, the meat was just outrageously tender. The sauce was one of the best. I raise my tongs to your establishment. Job well done.

    And the woman that made my sandwich, Eleanor, was an absolute blessing to my day. She came out during her break, sat a few chairs down from me I looked over and we began to talk. What a wonderful person. Kind engaging caring and made a great lunch for me. Hold on to her she’s a real asset to your company. In today’s corporate mindset of “we don’t care” she definitely breaks the mold. This coming Saturday, in three more days, the light rail now will be extended to within a mile of my house and my wife and I are going to ride it to the airport and come down and have lunch and say hi to Eleanor. A little special treat out.
    Mark in n. Phx.

    March 16th, 2016 at 10:29 am
  • Looking good! About time we got some good restaurants in airports 🙂

    July 4th, 2016 at 6:34 pm