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Makin’ it Free!

  • Posted April 14, 2011 by Joe's Real BBQ

People always ask us why we give away so much free stuff. Good question. We’re on pace to give away about 38 free birthday meals a day here at the BBQ alone this year. Then in May we’ll host Customer Appreciation Day when we will likely give away about 6,000 more free meals in a single day. Why would we do such a thing? And crazier yet, why would we continue to widely advertise our freebies? Well… we love giving away free stuff, and we’re getting pretty good at it! Restaurateurs across the country ask us pretty often why we do such a stupid thing. We don’t view it that way. We love seeing someone’s face when they find out our free stuff actually doesn’t cost… anything. We love it when people think enough of our place to come here on their birthday. We get giddy when we see thousands line up for a free meal. And Customer Appreciation Day has become a real event. People understand they will have to wait in line. They come planning on it, and make the most of it. They meet someone new. They get to be part of the buzz and the excitement of something that doesn’t happen very often. Frequently, they tell a friend or neighbor, and that is even cooler. First-timers come enjoy the free meal, enjoy it, and keep coming back. That’s what makes it fun for us, and why we keep doing what we do. We hope to see all of you (and a friend or neighbor) on the next Customer Appreciation Day Wednesday, May 4. Look for us. Joe, Tim and Tad will all be on hand that day and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you and thank you for your patronage.


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