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Where were you?

Many people of my generation remember where they were when some seminal history-making things took place … 11/22/63, 3/30/81 and others.   For most people I know 9/11/01 is the day they won’t soon forget.  I spent 17 years with American Airlines and in fact was still employed by AA on that fateful day.  My Mom called and said I had to turn on the TV.  I was immediately ill.  I didn’t know at that moment that I knew a passenger and some of the flight attendants involved, but I knew that an industry I had been a part of since 1984 was being used as an instrument of chaos and destruction and it was heart breaking.  While my mind is too small to comprehend something so awful, I take respite in the fact God is sovereign.  This horrific act didn’t happen while He blinked, nor was it slipped past His omnipotent hand while He was on a break.   Romans 8:28