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  • Posted January 20, 2013 by Joe's Real BBQ
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While Tuesday, January 20, 1998 seems like such a short time ago, the reality is that since our first customer (Greg Tilque) handed our smiling cashier his money for a sandwich about 11:05 in the morning, 5,479 days have sped past. Sincere thanks go out to our employees and customers as we celebrate 15 years of service. Our commitment as we celebrate our 15th anniversary is to be just as clean, friendly and delicious going forward. Joe, Tad, Tim

1 Comment

  • Hillary Burgess

    I moved to Gilbert in 1998 from Texas, and to this day Joe’s Real BBQ is the only Arizona BBQ joint that rivals Texas BBQ!

    June 10th, 2013 at 8:48 am