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A Guest Post…

Sam Ott from Lutz’s in Missouri offers up his thoughts on places to go for great BBQ when on the road… Thanks to Sam for his kindness in sharing some tips!

The faithful Arizona BBQ lovers that are on the road or looking to travel, who want to experience the many great tastes of barbecue, can take refuge in some of the most well-known cities that reign supreme for barbecue.
1. Kansas City, MO

Arizona BBQ fans will love the KC-style. It’s most known for its meats to be prepared traditionally, smoked slowly over wood pits and complemented with thick tomato and molasses-based sauces. The KC-style doesn’t stop there, though.

One reason Kansas City barbecue is so great and loved by the masses is the assortment it offers with its meats and the methods of preparation. Any disbeliever will find faith in the KC Style because its barbecue is truly eclectic. The most famous barbecue dish from Kansas City is the burnt ends, but much of KC-style’s credit also goes to its sweet, spicy and tangy sauces.

The city itself is also popular and well-recognized from the entire BBQ scene across the nation for its community involvement. It hosts The World Series of Barbecue at the American Royal. If you’re passing through Kansas City in September or October of this year, don’t be a stranger. Visit the world’s largest barbecue competition.

2. Memphis, TN

Memphis-style barbecue is a southern style based around the pig’s entirety, but primarily the shoulder and ribs. Its ribs are known to be delicious either “wet” or “dry”. Their sauces are tomato and vinegar-based and thinner than the KC-style allowing it to cook well into meats.

Memphis is also great for tourism and BBQ events. It hosts the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest every year. It is considered to be the world’s largest pork barbecue contest.

3. Lexington, NC

Lexington has created its own style of barbecue, one that revolves around its tangy and sweet vinegar and tomato-based sauces and its slow smoked pork shoulder over a wood pit.

Lexington-style barbecue is famous for its barbecue coleslaw, which is topped on its sliced or chopped meat sandwiches, unless requested otherwise. The sweet and tangy sauce and barbecue coleslaw complements the pork sandwiches perfectly. Come take a gander and find out why they claim to be the Barbecue Capital of the World (one of many cities who claim to be the BBQ Capital of the World).

4. Columbia, SC

South Carolina is home to all four types of barbecue sauces, but they are primarily known for their mustard-base sauces, which are based on the state’s German heritage and are thick, sweet and sour.

Columbia rests in the heart of South Carolina and is part of the middle region, The Mustard Belt, which stretches down to the state’s southern border. The locals are fans of the BBQ buffets that many of the local restaurants offer. These buffets are conjoined with a wide variety sides and barbecue chicken.

5. Lockhart, TX

Central Texas-style BBQ that’s oak coal-smoked and doesn’t normally use barbecue sauce. When barbecue sauce is seen on a plate, it’s usually mixed to form a tomato and vinegar-based sauce. The reason for such a rarity of barbecue sauce is because the attention is all on the quality of the meat. The meats are succulent and tender and Texans find no need for sauce.

Central Texas-style BBQ stretches up to Austin and to other surrounding areas, but Lockhart is the center of the BBQ scene in Central Texas.

Many other cities and states exist outside of Arizona that offer their own flavors, distinct qualities and special sauces and methods, but these 5 cities capture the four essential regional BBQ styles the U.S. has to offer; Kansas City-style, Memphis-style, Texas-style and the Carolinas-style. Any Arizona BBQ lover is bound to find a style, flavor or sauce that suits their fancies, no matter how faithful they may be to the Arizona-style.

About the Author
Sam Ott writes for Lutz’s BBQ in Columbia and Jefferson City, MO. Lutz’s offers a wide variety of styles and sauces, but no matter what the taste, it’s guaranteed to be smokin’ delicious. Visit their website to find out about their award-winning sauces and smoked meats.