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Clean Delicious Friendly

You may have seen Clean Delicious and Friendly on the hats our employees wear. What’s that all about? Actually, it’s what we’re all about. Every day. Every conversation. Every interaction. Every manager meeting. That’s what we do. We try to keep our 1929 building, and everything you see (and perhaps more importantly the areas you don’t see) clean. We talk about how to make it cleaner. We do things like add new sod to the park so kids have a great place to play. We work on delicious by making sure the recipes (most of which were created before we opened in 1998) are adhered to every day so the beans taste just the way they did on opening day. Friendly is what we look for when we hire, when we train, and with each interaction all day long. We hope you see our motto in the face of every employee every day.